Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pierre Lapointe

It's been a while since I last made a more finished, polished drawing, it feels good! I heard some new music upon coming back to Montreal, some of which was terrific! There's this young signer-song writer-composer over here who's pretty popular these days called Pierre Lapointe, he's great! One of his newer songs, called "Deux par deux rassemblés" (Two by Two Brought Together) really gave me a kick, I loved it the first time I heard it. And then I saw the music video, it was INSANE. So crazy and fun and unexpected, and the style of it really resonated with me.

Anyway, this really inspired me, so here's the result!

If you wanna see the video it's at . Enjoy!


Cooked Art said...

Nice stuff Guillaume!

I like the guy in the back the most.

Guillaume said...

Thanks Alan! I'm glad he stands out the most to you, it's supposed to be Pierre Lapointe himself. See ya soon in Oakville!

Robin Hall said...

Have you watched many Elvis performances? Most of those moves are taken from him :)But cool video... real mishmash of everything

I really like the colours you used!

Eliot said...

hey man the video too, kinda like warioware

Halya said...

Nice color theme ^_^

Eric said...

i really like the star burst of kung fu hands. goofy and yet it packs a powerful punch. YAH!

Guillaume said...

Robin: Thanks! Now that you mention it, those moves do have quite a bit of Elvisness to them. Who'd've thunk!

Eliot: Yeah, gotta love that crazy overblown goodness!

Halya: Thanks!

Eric: Took me a while to get what you meant by that (starbust of kung-fu hands). I was just playing around with those stripes and they turned into hands somehow. Glad you like it!