Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Those were really fun to draw! :D


Tapan Gandhi said...

ooh so awesome

my favourite dragon is #6 on the second page.. he looks cute but evil at the same time.. like me :)

ken said...

haha love these little dragons

SMacLeod said...

Awesome life drawings. Your designs are really fun.

Guillaume said...

Tapan: Haha, you're not to be trusted Tapan ;) Kidding, thanks man, my coworkers liked that one too! Personnaly I prefer the ones that are on the top left corner on the same page , they look like unpopular kids who don't have a clue and are kind of ugly... like me as a kid?

Ken: Hey there, glad you like 'em! Thanks for the comment :)

SMacleod: Hey, thank you! I've seen your work as well (I'm guessing you found this blog through the referrals on your site meter, huhuhuh), and I really like your art! I found your films really entertaining and inspiring, and I love your story sketches! That Psychic Sidekick one really made me laugh, it reminded me of the confusion I had about the word "sidekick" when I was learning english, back in the days. It took me a while to finally figure out that they weren't actually calling those characters "psychics" on them TV english cartoons. Anyway, enough with childhood nostaliga, thanks for dropping by!

MadameGaston said...

I have never seen such cute dragons! I just want to squish them :D

FerdinandKreozot said...

hehe, very promising art here.
I really enjoyed my visit.



Karrey said...

Hehe, lovely!
(oh, and HI, I have been stalking you for a while. mostly at your LJ and old website. *wave wave* you are awesome.)

Guillaume said...

MadameGaston: Thanks! You might wanna be careful about squishing dragons though, it could cause fires or painful burns ;P

Milenko: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my stuff! I gotta say I really enjoyed your blog as well, dude, your stuff's friggin' awesome!

Karrey: Hey there! Wow, I didn't know that, you should've said hi earlier ;D. I'm glad you enjoy my stuff, come again!