Friday, August 11, 2006

Face doodles

Just a quick update before I get back to Montreal, enjoy!


Mitch K said...

Heyoo! Nice stuff!

My favorites:

- The kid with holding the pencil with his lips

- The freaky little girl with glasses

- The babe in the big fluzzy hat.

It's awesome to see your drawings again! I still have that sheet we all drew on that night at Boston Pizza after the Incredibles. I accidently smudged some of the wet ink on your baby with my grubby mitts, and you said, "Who added extra filth to my baby!?" hahaha

Guillaume said...

Heyyy Mitch! I`m glad you enjoy my sketches :)

Dude, I can't believe you still have that sheet, that's awesome! That was like, almost two years ago wasn't it? I particularly remember the 2 hour walk back from the theatre in the freezing cold, man, that was a crazy night. Bring that sheet along to Oakville if you can, I`m curious to see that relic ;)

Sarah said...

hehe, I love they guy with a pencil under his nose. Have a good trip back to Montreal! Only a few more weeks until school (see ya soon)!!

Sarah said...

ps. damn you draw so good, boy. hats off to you!

ken said...

this is a really cool sketch page, i really like the girl with the hat, the hair is great

Guillaume said...

Sarah: Heheh, you`re too kind Sarah :P I made it back in one piece to Montreal, thanks. Can't wait for September!

Ken: Thanks, I do enjoy drawing hair :)

Robin Hall said...

ooh! very cool! I like the top girl with the scarf and middle one, the kid and the nose-pencil-deep in thought.

These are really nice, keep it up :)

Guillaume said...

Thanks Robin! I will keep it up. :)