Sunday, August 13, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Woah, I don't usually advertise stuff on this blog, but here's something worth mentionning: Little Miss Sunshine. I went to see it with some friends yesterday in Emeryville, and I gotta say I haven't enjoyed a movie that much in a long time. The story and characters are just so amazingly well written and developped, the cast is amazing, the movie just sucks you in from the very first minute. The whole thing is so well paced with a good balance of comedy and drama, every main character (or almost) have their own story/subplot that ties in perfectly with the main plot. It's just such a satisfying, moving movie. I'll leave it to that, now go see it!


SMacLeod said...

I've heard great things too. They had an encore screening here at pixar because everyone liked it so much! Crazy.

Guillaume said...

Hey SMacleod!

So explain to me, why are you here typing that comment while you could be watching that movie that (apparently) you still haven't seen? Are you saying you had the oporunity to watch it at work, *twice*, and you still missed out!? For shame.

Kidding, kidding! I guess that internship must be keeping you hella busy, but man, that must be so awesome!

You seem to be somewhat of a tough movie critique from what I've read on your blog and on the AnimatedBuzz forums, I'm curious to hear what you'll think of Little Miss Sunshine. I'm a big sappy sucker for that sort of movie so my critical perception just gets thrown out the window here, but I do think in this case it was a a rare and truly great movie. Hope you enjoy it!