Friday, July 14, 2006

Giants and doodles

Ok! Here are the very first concept sketches for a short film idea I'm currently developping. It's about an insomniac Giant who got a little stupid on a sleepless night, and now he's gotta fix his mess. The whole screenplay is pretty much all fleshed out on the first draft level by now, but I won't reveal too much of it yet. But oh, it'll be fun, it's got all the works and stuff: drama, action, sci-fi, comedy, religious taboo (all in good doses of course). Well, I'll stop hyping it up now because that's always a double-edged sword, enjoy!Notice how the background is just totally slapped on on this one. But it gives information!

That last page of doodles isn't concept art, of course. I just thought it was a fun page :D

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