Saturday, July 01, 2006

Centaurs and other weirdos

Yay for markers! I was looking at Stephen Silver's artbook , which I think influenced the look of that centaur dude. He's such an awesome artist! Those horse bodies here were totally bullshited, I need to brush up on anatomy... but somehow they still look kinda plausible to me, hmm. Let me know if I'm wrong.


Sarah said...

Man, these are looking so great, Guillaume! Your markerings are so pretty and subtle, and the drawing is so solid and awesome. Geez. Your skills just keep quadrupling!
btw, sorry I havn't replied yet to your comments on my blog, I've been kinda internet shy lately. But I really love and appreciate it when you comment, you always have interesting things to say.
Oh, and welcome back from California!

Eliot said...

haha you're a weird guy guillaume.

when you coming back to cali?

Guillaume said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for the nice comments, you're too kind. Besides, I can't let you improve like a madman all by yourself ;P Thanks for letting me know about the comments too, it's not like I was worrying or anything *cough*, but I apreciate the note :).

Eliot, look who's talking! Nonetheless, I apreciate this classic blog comment, now that I have a "haha you're weird" line in my comments, my blog just gained a level! ;) But just out of curiosity (ahh I can't help my feeble mind), what makes you say I'm weird, punk?

I'm coming back on Sunday the 16, btw. When are you guys leaving? I mean, uh, yeah! I can't wait to come and stay at your place on my vacation to California, haha, yup, that's the plan. I really hope I can see you and Eric while I'm there, I miss you guys. Ciao!

Eliot said...

Haha i dunno, just wanted to leave a comment

we're gonna be in coos bay in late august, so we'll see you for sure.

here's something i think you'll love:

Guillaume said...

Alright Eliot, glad to hear you'll be around! :D Man, that link!!! You sure do know my tastes well, this is so friggin awesome! Man, the videos were so bad and corny (and... pretty gay) back then, it's great!