Friday, July 14, 2006

Coloring discoveries

Ok so this won't look like a big deal or anything, but boy oh boy I've just found a way to color animation drawings in photoshop which is like, too easy to be true. It took me like, a minute to color the drawing below, from it's unaltered scanned state. And if I make actions for the process, it could take like, 30 seconds. Given, it's a pretty simple coloring "style" (if you can call it a style), but it's just what's needed for animation. I also think I've figured out how to shade animation in flash, but that's fancies. But yeah, that means coloring the animation for my film next year will be a breeze... after cleaning it up nicely, that is, which will probably be more of a time consuming process. Well, at least that's one thing I don't have to worry about.

Poor guy... I kinda robbed him of his dignity.


Eliot said...

cool, you gotta show me your technique

~ Lu said...

Hey Guillaume! Nice blog! How's life drawing going?

I didnt know that you danced tango for 3 years! wow, and was it Bolas o Boleadoras? Yeah, Chacareras! Nice! Im dancing Tango too, it got me addicted, its incredible.

Let's keep in contact so whenever I am able to burn the short I'll give it to you *sorry sorry sorry*.

What are you up to?


EdoAvenir said...

cool mebbe u show me ur coloring trick sometime???? ;D
btw love ur new avatar pic

Guillaume said...

Eliot: Sure thing, it's not so far from what we've already figured out, actually. It really relies on a good cleanup to start with. See ya soon!

Lucia: Hey! glad you like my blog! I guess I should post some of my recent lifedrawings huh, then you can judge for yourself ;). You should post some of your new art on your website too!
Yeah it was Boleadoras, actually I don't know if you've seen Cirque du Soleil' Saltimbanco, they have a Boleadoras act. The guy who coreographed it is the same guy who taught us, he was amazing! Tango was really awesome, I miss it. I saw your video on your blog, you kick ass!!!
Haha, ok I'll send you an e-mail shortly to give you my mailing adress, but don't worry about it too much eh ;)
I'm going off to work as a flash animator in San Jose (CA) for a month tommorow, woohoo! I hope I'll be able to keep my blog updated.
Hasta luego!

Ed: Yeah sure thing, we gotta share our tricks among us animation students ;D. Thanks, I like you new avatar pic as well, I think it's more personnalized than Emslie's caricatures (even if they were super nice).