Thursday, January 04, 2007


French Canadian woodsmen! I think I might use the middle one for the big character assignment in our 3D class this semester, we'll see if he makes the cut.


Anonymous said...

alright cool i can post now!

these guys are cool. they look very french. i'm sure you'll take that as a compliment, haha.

post him when he's 3d too!


Sarah said...

ARRRRG!!! I just left you a big comment but blogger is a total jerk and didn't work right and now my comment is lost forever because I'll be damned if I'm gonna type that all up again, instead I'll just type the equivilent amount of words is grumbly grumpness. RRRRARRRRGBLAAARRRRRFRRENNCCCHHIIEEEURG!

Ok, that's out of my system.

I love these guys, and you do such a masterful job of drawing clothing and drapery! The subtle variations on the boot shapes is such a fantastic bit of detailing that adds such character, bravo. Oh, and I agree with Eliot that they definately have a frenchness to them, but unlike Eliot, I do not mean it as a compliment.


Oh, and I suddenly want to buy some car insurance online, but I don't really know why.... funny how that works.... :D

SMacLeod said...

Very nice! Great shapes!

Mitch K said...

I love how you draw clothing!

Personally, I like the little fat guy.