Monday, September 25, 2006

Cafe drawings and doodles

Hey! It's been a while since my last update, I've mostly been doodling random "unworthy of my blog" stuff lately (that's all quite relative), so uh, that's an excuse right there! I finally ended up deciding that posting doodles was probably better than posting nothing at all, so there ya go, doodles!

Some sharpy caricatures done at the local mall, I slapped on some colors in photoshop while I was at it.

Random characters (and a pair of misconstructed legs?) doodled in my litterature class this morning. It's a good enough class, plus the teacher gives us a lot of time for in class exercises, so that's fun!

That girl is apparently faking surprise.

I don't know what my big problem is, come to think of it I've been posting "doodles" since the very start of this blog. Ahh the absurd complexities of my mind. Anyway, stay happy, until next time!


Eric said...
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Eric said...

The sharpie sketch proves what we all know know about mall dwellers: they live it large. Believe it!

I dig his shades and jowls equally.

Guillaume said...

Thanks Eric! It's very fair of you to give equal regards to his shades and jowls, I'm sure they both apreciate ;)