Monday, September 03, 2007

A nice car ride

This pic was inspired by the same song that inspired me about exactly one year ago, "Deux par deux rassemblés" by Pierre Lapointe (you can see the previous pic in the August 2006 archives). It's my first time designing a car, it's pretty fun!


Arschblog said...

Wow! You made a amazing job for your first car! My cars looks so bad and takes me a long time that I can draw cars now! You are a genius!

How is it going? I hope good!
I miss youuuu!!!

Guillaume said...

Hey Steffi!!! :D Well you know, I still had to look at some reference to draw this, It wasn't so easy. And I saw your car sketches on your blog, they look so cool!

I'm doing really good thanks, how are you doing at the Studio? I miss you too, now I'm the only StarGirls Fanclub member around! What's the color of the month?