Friday, April 20, 2007

Group film!

So the school year has come to an end and REDRUM, my wonderful group, succesfully finished The Monster Drawing (the short animated film!). An online version will be posted within the next week, so be sure to keep checking our blog for it to pop up. Go check it out now too and marvel at our trailer poster!


Anonymous said...

cool man, the poster looks good... can't wait to see it.


Laine said...

awesome poster

I like the chefs arm wrestling wtf

also i have a blog now too lololz

Mitch K said...

I was late for the screening today, so bring your film to Halifax!! I'll take a gander at it there.

Mitch K said...

DON'T post your film online!! A lot of film festivals won't accept your film if it's already online. The Ottawa Festival is one of 'em!

Anonymous said...

damn it mitch, then how am i going to see it?

if you do take this jerk's advice, then you should at least send me a copy or something! or upload it somewhere private.


belinha said...
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alexandre said...

Ca va la job mec? Et puis tu vas en mettre plus des trucs sur ta page ou bien tu vas attendre d"etre vieux et que ta peau ramolisse comme mes couilles?

Super tes trucs! :P


Guillaume said...

Mitch: Yeah dude, come down to Halifax already!

Laine: HEYYYY good to see you on the wonderful world of blogger! It's like some sort of tiny TAC revival.

Alex: La job va plutot bien, merci. Et toi, tu t'amuses bien dans la capitale? Tu vois, j'ai rajoute un truc sur ma page, et ce n'est que le debut d'une saga a tout casser! Enfin j'espere, mouis... A plus!

Anonymous said...