Sunday, March 04, 2007

I bought a guitar! And stuff.

I bought a guitar this week-end! It's an acoustic and is nothing like that drawing here, but hey, guitars are cool!

A character for a potential story I'm developping for my 4th year film. He has a secret life!

This last one is dedicated to Sarah who had to sit through a very annoying conversation recently.


Cooked Art said...

Haha, i love the guitar drawing and the drawing of sarah.

Wicked stuff!

Anonymous said...

ah cool! you should do acoustic abba covers! live up to my failed ukulele dreams, haha. but that's awesome, for real. what kinda guitar is it? and i wanna hear recordings!

hah i like the drawing of sarah too. not sure if i heard the story behind that one though... i shall have to inquire.


Guillaume said...

Thanks Alan :D

Eliot, oh man, that's an awesome idea! I'll succeed where even you have failed, heheheh. The guitar's a Yamaha s430 or something like that, it sounds really sweet! Juan was beyond himself when he heard it last reading night. I'll try to record myself when I can play something decent, I've been practicing one hour and up every day so far so hopefully it won't take too long!
Do ask Sarah about that story, it's a funny one indeed! I wish you would've been there to witness it first-hand, I'm sure you would've apreciated it.

toonamir said...

I wanna say "These are awesome" but it would be stating the obvious.


Mitch K said...

Pisshhhh don't lie to everyone! That's TOTALLY how you look when you're wailin' on your gwee-tarrrr!!

Nice caricature of Essra (S'rah) too! What a bag of hammers, she is.