Monday, February 19, 2007

On a roll!

Woooh two posts in one night, I'm on fire. I wanted to try getting more intense colors without resorting to any photoshop tricks, there it is. I should go to bed now.


Anonymous said...

not sure whatcha mean by tricks but i like the colors... kinda sixties-ish i suppose.

one of my (admittedly minor) artistic goals is to use a majority of those awful colors in microsoft paint in a painting and make it work... i think it can be done, somehow!


Guillaume said...

Thanks E-Man!

By photoshop tricks I mean like using levels or hue/saturation to turn a somewhat blandly shaded painting into a high contrast one. I almost did that with the guitar guy but decided to keep my original color choices unchanged after all.

Man, Microsoft Paint, I'd like to see that! Although yeah, if I think about it there's probably some styles that could be achieved with it, but still, that's quite a challenge. Let me know if you ever do it!