Saturday, November 25, 2006

An update of sorts

Well I felt like updating my blog tonight, but didn't really have anything to scan (it's all at my desk at school, yeah...) , so I decided to just fool around for a couple minutes in photoshop and post whatever came out. Here it is, call it Simplistic Naive Charm if you will.


Eliot said...

cool man, always nice to see a post no matter what it is (well, unless it's personal insults directed at myself or something.)

nice colors in that little guy though. i never thought i'd see that aqua color and that red work together.

Mitch K said...

Hey, I like the colours!

Mitch K said...

Hey, I like the colours!

Guillaume said...

Hey E-Man! I'll try to keep that in mind ;) I'm trying to use colors I wouldn't normally pick, just to stretch myself a bit. Glad you like it.

Mitch, you're repeating yourself. Are you getting old? But thanks! Thanks!